Wake up to a better, smarter you!


Would you believe it if I said you could sleep your way to success? Turns out, you can! Research has shown that the functioning of our brain is closely linked to sleep patterns, duration and quality of sleep. Follow these sleeping tips to sharpen your brain and wake up a smarter person.

1. Don’t skimp on sleep.

Everyone may have different levels of sleep requirement, but seven hours a day is the recommended average for a normal adult. Lack of sleep not only makes one groggy and tired, it slows down brain functioning too. Studies have shown that the mind of a person who hasn’t slept for 48 hours is equivalent to that of a heavily intoxicated one.

2. Eat healthy, and not just before sleeping.

Having a big meal just before sleeping forces the body to concentrate all its energies on digesting the food, rather than resting, as it should be. This causes disturbed, inadequate sleep. Eat light, and eat healthy, a few hours before dinner, so that you get a good night’s sleep. This will recharge your brain cells.

3. Avoid overdosing on caffeine.

Reaching out for that mug of coffee first thing in the morning may not be such a good idea. Caffeine may give a jolt of energy to the brain instantly, but you’ll get sluggish through the day. A better idea is to have some coffee between 9.30 to 11.30 a.m. It has been known to be more effective at energising and keeping one energised through the day!

4. Sleep in an au-naturale environment.

The best way to sleep is with natural lighting, gradually fading music, and a soft, cozy environment. Not letting in natural sunlight confuses the body clock, and interferes with sleep patterns. So, open those curtains, and wake up to soft sunlight streaming in, and the sound of birds chirping.

5. Stick to a sleeping schedule.

Studies show that people with higher I.Q.s tend to sleep and wake according a fixed pattern, almost like clockwork. The more confusing and fluctuating your sleep schedule is, the harder you make it for your brain to know when to shut down and when to be alert. Go to the bed and wake up at the same time everyday, to make your brain faster and more efficient.

6. Ban all gadgets before bedtime.

While a soothing ritual like reading or listening to music helps facilitate sleep, our modern day bedtime habit of being glued to our phones or tablets interferes with natural sleep. The light from TV screen, mobile screens and laptop screens, mess up natural sleeping patterns. Do yourself a favor, and unplug that device! Maybe read an actual book before bed.

7. Naps are good!

No, naps are not just for babies. Science has shown that short, power naps, actually increase productivity by a huge margin. They also leave you feeling refreshed and energized, leading to better and faster brain functioning.

8. Sleep in a room with optimized temperature.

Make sure your room isn’t too hot or too cold. Studies show that the best temperature to sleep at is 65 degree fahrenheit. Better sleep leads to faster thinking, increased productivity and better learning skills.

9. Wake up and go over the things you hope to accomplish during the day.

This is a very productive technique practiced by successful people. Making a to-do list first thing in the morning keeps those tasks fresh in your mind and keeps you motivated and raring to go for the rest of the day.

Improve your sleep habits by adhering to a regular pattern, and get smarter and more productive. It’s not very hard.


source : http://lmt-lss.com/9-sleeping-habits-that-could-make-you-a-smarter-person/