Indianapolis Star Alters Racist Thanksgiving Cartoon, Then Deletes It And Apologizes

Can you spot the difference between these two cartoons?

Hint: One of them is racist and ignorant of the fundamental nature of Thanksgiving, and the other is an insightful commentary on President Barack Obama’s deportation relief plan.

The Case of the Mysterious Mustache: the original @indystar cartoon by @varvel & the edit

— Staci D Kramer (@sdkstl) November 22, 2014

This past Friday, The Indianapolis Star published the cartoon seen at left above, which depicted a family of apparently Latino immigrants, led by a mustachioed man, climbing in the window of a white family’s home to join in their Thanksgiving dinner. The white father is telling his family, “Thanks to the president’s immigration order, we’ll be having extra guests this Thanksgiving.”

After readers alerted them to the drawing’s racist overtones, cartoonist Gary Varvel and the Star rectified the situation by… publishing a tweaked version of the cartoon in which the Latino man’s mustache had been removed.

Problem solved? Not quite. In addition to the racially charged imagery of brown people climbing over a wall into some white people’s home — as well as the look of dismay on the blond daughter, which seems to gesture toward the age-old racist trope that people of color are a menace to white girls — Vox points out that Varvel’s cartoon appears to forget the actual history behind Thanksgiving itself:

Remember, the classic Thanksgiving story is about Pilgrims — a.k.a. immigrants — who showed up on American shores uninvited, and in precarious economic circumstances. Thanksgiving is a celebration of the fact that the native-born Americans who lived in the area welcomed these newcomers, shared their food with them, and helped them make the transition to their new home.

“Is there a time more befitting of a cartoon lampooning unwelcome foreign guests than during … Thanksgiving?” Gawker asked, sarcastically.

In a statement Saturday, Jeff Taylor, executive editor of the Star, apologized for publishing the cartoon and acknowledged that it “offended a wide group of readers.” Both the original cartoon and the altered version, wrote Taylor, have been deleted from the newspaper’s website.

“This action is not a comment on the issue of illegal immigration or a statement about Gary’s right to express his opinions strongly,” Taylor wrote. “We encourage and support diverse opinion. But the depictions in this case were inappropriate; his point could have been expressed in other ways.”

Taylor also wrote that “Gary did not intend to be racially insensitive in his attempt to express his strong views about President Barack Obama’s decision to temporarily prevent the deportation of millions of immigrants living and working illegally in the United States.”

Nonetheless, Taylor wrote, “we erred in publishing” the cartoon.

Varvel did not immediately respond to a request for additional comment on Saturday.
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‘Wizard Of Oz' Original Cowardly Lion Costume Up For Auction

What can be better than receiving a Wizard’s gift? Buying a “Wizard of Oz” original costume.

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Woody Harrelson Didn't Know Liam & Chris Hemsworth Were Brothers At One Point

Everyone knows who Chris Hemsworth is. Not only does the actor play Thor, but he was just named People’s Sexiest Man Alive. Woody Harrelson, however, didn’t realize that his “Hunger Games” co-star Liam Hemsworth was the “Thor” star’s brother.

In an interview for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” from last year that’s been making the rounds again, Harrelson has the major realization that the Hemsworth brothers are related. As Liam is talking to the interviewer, whose first name is also Chris, about his brother’s upcoming film, you can see a look of astonishment cross Harrelson’s face. “Jesus, I never got that he was your brother,” Harrelson says to Hemsworth. “Until just now. I honestly never put that together.”

Harrelson may have helped solved one of TV’s greatest murder mysteries earlier this year in “True Detective,” but when it comes to last names, things go right over his head.

Watch the interview above and fast forward to 3:52 to witness Harrleson’s discovery.

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Stains of Blood on our History

So, relentless was the end of love, so heartless—

After the nights of tenderness, the dawns were pitiless, so pitiless (From Faiz’s Dhaka say Wapsi par;translation by Agha Shahid Ali)

History of nations, big or small, is stained with blood; blood of those who fought for glory and of those who resisted their quest of glory. The history of Pakistan is no different. Every year, with the coming of December, the ghosts of past, come out of the shadows and haunt us. The fall of Dhaka or the debacle of Dhaka, creates a national melancholy; and no matter how hard we try to wash away the stains of blood on our history, they will stay, reminding us of the great tragedy that this country had to face. It is still argued that the turn of events made the separation of our erstwhile eastern wing unavoidable, but there has to be someone responsible for that lamentable episode. It is also an unfortunate fact, that the separation of East Pakistan, is confined to the six points of Mujib ur Rehman in our textbooks, and not much debate and discussion exists at present in our schools and colleges over this issue, so one has to go through other books available on the subject. I came across Sarmila Bose’s Dead Reckoning last year, and recently, Shahid Hussain’s What was Once East Pakistan, so my learning of the subject is based upon the study of these two books.

While everybody knows that Sheikh Mujib’s Awami League secured 160 out of 162 seats, not many people are aware that the voting percentage was 56% in the East Pakistan as compared to 58% in Sindh and 67% in Punjab. Awami League got about 46% of the votes cast in the elections, which means that the majority of the voters of the Eastern wing either didn’t support Awami league or were just not concerned about the outcome of elections. In either case, the voting percentage doesn’t show that the majority of Bengalis wanted secession, at least, before the commencement of the notorious Operation Searchlight on 25th March, 1971.

When Yahya Khan announced the postponement of National Assembly session, which was due to meet on 3rd March, chaos erupted in parts of the eastern wing. Mujib wanted an immediate transfer of power to the rightful elected majority party but the incumbent military junta and for that matter; Bhutto wanted a settlement with Mujib prior to the assembly session. Some people blame Bhutto for his intransigence and lust of power, citing his oft-repeated threat that he would break the legs of any politician who would try to attend the assembly session in Dhaka. But one needs to consider that Bhutto was just a politician, it is true that he had a great following in the western wing but military was at the helm of affairs, it would have made sure that anybody who tries to disrupt the political process is dealt with iron hands. Moreover, Bhutto’s threat could be taken as a move to gain political leverage in negotiations with Mujib.

Similarly, the military is blamed by some as the sole cause of the separation of East Pakistan. While, it is true that military over the years, had trampled upon the constitution of Pakistan and didn’t let the political process to strengthen and gain ground, but the secessionist tendency in the East was never a military’s doing. It was Mujib ur Rehman’s parochial politics and his ability to play the nationalist card well before the aggrieved Bengalis, who saw in him a leader and a hope for a better future. Mujib, well aware of the historical deprivation of East Bengal, instilled the masses with bitterness and hatred against the Army and West Pakistan. Mujib’s intentions about the well-being of Bengalis can be argued upon but the way he chose to attain those means was severely wrong, and no nation can tolerate treachery and deceit. He kept on denying his involvement in the Agartala conspiracy case, but on February 22 2011, one of the surviving conspirators Deputy Speaker Shawkat Ali, admitted that the allegations of Agartala conspiracy case were true and they indeed sought India’s help to secede from West Pakistan.

Sheikh Mujib’s avowed love for democracy became clear when he became the president of Bangladesh, and banned all political parties and most newspapers, except the state owned ones. The seeds of hatred and rebellion which he sowed, soon took another shape, when on August 15th,1975, junior Army officers of Bangladesh Army stormed the presidential residence and killed him and every one of his family present there.

Fate has its own ways of taking revenge, If Pakistani military regime wanted, it could have killed him, while he was in Rawalpindi jail, on the night of 16th December, 1971.But he was released and flown into the newly created state of Bangladesh, where some years later he met the end, a traitor deserved.

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Enter to learn, leave to serve….a slogan of coaching centers

 Mera beta banega pilot (my son will become a pilot)

A sentence, my father very often used to encourage me while I would prepare for going school. Well-being fair I am neither a pilot nor an engineer but a professional accountant working in an interior design studio. I am satisfied with what I chose to be.

One of my friend shared his autobiography, to whom it is still a source of encouragement, his late mother (may Allah shower His blessings upon her) often used to say, (beta tum jab matric pass karogy to is peti me tota (parrot) ha jo tumhe dungi), my dear son when u get through your matric exams, I will reward you a parrot, saved in this box.

Now a days, I couldn’t find such examples which motivate children towards education, I may be wrong but sadly it is.

Coming to the point, for which I have written my first blog, is the level of education, especially in Karachi. I am a professional accountant and I used to teach at a well-known coaching center having campuses in different localities in Karachi and it is in the pipeline to have further more campuses to deliver quality education. Although being a part of such service sector I have some reservations.

A race of percentages and positions is started just after students felt that in Government colleges (not all) teachers visit just to mark their presence. I also examined in my college days where few of teachers deliver their best while others just used to visit class to entertain and share some of stories and finally faded away. Here we decided to join coaching centers and achieve our objectives. But sadly it’s good to term them profit centers rather than knowledge centers.

I do admit most of students got highest marks and even positions but getting highest percentage is really knowledge??? Students used to depend totally on such profit centers rather than learning syllabus by their own. Wow yar kiya guess laga ha inka (Wow what a guess paper)…. Students often used to search for guess papers just two to three months before exams. Is this the knowledge???

Sorry we must revise our strategy towards syllabus. Do it by yourself. I met qualified graduates and Masters in progress students they even don’t know what is Debit and Credit and what a transaction really is?? But pass them a numerical question they could solve it in least possible time. That is what I criticize. We must strive for thorough knowledge of a subject not only getting highest or passing marks.

When I have been introduced as a teacher of ‘Fundamentals of Accounting’, I just appeared in, and now I realize I shouldn’t be. I just copied & posted the questions which I had been taught. I feel sorry for the students I couldn’t deliver quality education but succeeded to help them get good marks only. I am thankful to my teachers who changed my way towards study. I wish all students could get mentors like them.

Now point is, criticizing is easy rather than suggesting a solution. I suggest whether a student mark his presence at college or coaching center, do not rely completely what is being taught. Search for syllabus and recommended books and do it by yourself. Change the way you have been guided at beginner level.

As I mentioned earlier it’s my first blog and I know I could have done it far better but still I welcome your suggestions and criticism. One can disagree with my point of view. I may be pessimistic in your view. But I am still a part of this industry and I am trying my best to deliver the quality, like other teachers who are dedicated to their duty.

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The Actuality behind ‘Rattafication is the best Qualification’

What evinces an individual’s demeanour isn’t that dignified and polished today as was years ago. Contributing factors to such sort of inclination in individuals and groups are many. Very unfortunately, what earlier was, isn’t what’s it today.

It is no less than an opportunity for me to confront various challenges of life bravely, keeping in view its benefit not much to me but surely lots to others. The incident being narrated is indubitably a multi-faceted and an amazing one.

During my long-stay in a South Asian country, I managed to learn a lot, physically and mentally.

It happened so that I joined an educational academy as an English teacher to coach the students of Secondary School Certificate Part-I and Secondary School Certificate Part-II.

The very first day was the day of a demo lecture which I was supposed to deliver and was to be monitored closely by the academy team. Thanks to God, by whose blessings; I cleared the initials and got selected for teaching there.

The Managing Director of the institute assured me of full assistance at every stage of my service at the institute, but his support was unluckily only commonly named.

Everything seemed fine in the initial days of my service there but I never expected of what could possibly happen with me, in the days and months to come.

His (The Managing Director’s) so-called support annoyed and depressed me greatly throughout my tenure there.

What I planned how to teach the students was not restricted to the contents of the course only but largely aimed at the assessment of the students by means of different modes of instruction, also.

I always remained ready to assist the students in my full capacity, but never did the students take the trouble of satisfying me not for my own self but solely for their own better future.

As per my teaching methodology, I was to conduct written tests from the students, after the completion of each chapter of the book, but unfortunately I could never materialise the plan as neither were the students nor was the managing director of the academy ready to accept the proposal and help me out in the implementation of the said proposal.

During my four-month service as an English tutor over there, I sacrificed a lot. Even for the uplift of the academy’s standards, I struggled much but to no use. I tried my best to handle each and every issue related to the students in a highly sophisticated manner, but all in vain.

No student ever co-operated with me, rather some would frequently ask me silly questions as to where I lived? What my email Id was? My addresses at social networking websites, and my mobile contact number. Not only this, but many students regularly remained irregular from the class and others bravely entered the class quite later than the actual time when the lecture got half or more over.

I once thought for some investigation into the matter in a simple way by avoiding all kinds of complexities. The result of the investigation shocked but enabled me to learn that the students who arrived late in the class were those who used to smoke outside the premises of the academy.

Throughout my service there, I wasn’t ever been able to locate the truth behind the notion as whether the students of the academy and the so-called Managing Director were there to malign the image of the institute or uplift it?

The day finally came when I got entirely fed up of the silly system and reached the office of the M.D for resignation.

I couldn’t even utter a single word against his poor management and the irresponsible attitude of the students.

I simply asked him for resignation which he instantaneously refused to entertain. He begged me to continue for a month more, but I denied the proposal. I asked him to immediately accept my resignation, as I wasn’t in a position to continue any more.

After a prolonged discussion, it was finally decided by the M.D for me to continue for another month which I had to agree upon as I was left with no other option.

It once again started the arduous stage of examination for me which continued for another month. It’s highly lamentable that the young generation of today is miles away from the observance of their ethical and moral duties. These guys don’t even recognize the worth of those who lead them. I can only expect a brighter future for our youth. I hope so the youth of today are able to understand my hue and cry.

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Injury updates: Shehzad ruled out of third Test

KARACHI: Opener Ahmed Shehzad, who was keen to play in the third Test against New Zealand, has said that he has been advised against playing by specialists after a recent checkup.

Shehzad was struck by a bouncer from Corey Anderson in the first Test and suffered a hairline fracture on his cheekbone, which forced him to return home.

But once back in Pakistan, the right-hander was hopeful that he will make a comeback earlier than expected. However, that has not proven to be the case.

“I tried my best to recover quickly but it wasn’t meant to be and the doctors have asked me to not take a risk,” Shehzad told The Express Tribune. “I’ve been told that it could be really dangerous for me taking a chance with this injury. I was eager to return for the third Test because I’ve been in tremendous form this year and did not want to lose it while out on the sidelines.”

Shehzad has scored three centuries and two half-centuries in only eight Tests at a healthy average of 47.86. The 22-year-old is the only Pakistani to score centuries in all three formats of the game and the youngster is hungry for more runs, especially with the World Cup around the corner. “My focus will now be towards recovering ahead of the T20 and ODI series because they will be important going into the 2015 World Cup,” said Shehzad. “The team is peaking at the right moment.”

According to Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) General Manager of Sports Medicine Dr Sohail Saleem, Shehzad will have to proceed with caution but does not require surgery. “It has been decided that he will be treated conservatively for this injury as surgery is required only for cosmetic purposes in such cases,” said Saleem. “A review has been planned on Monday [tomorrow]. He has been advised to avoid contact sports for a period of six weeks but he can start his physical workout from next week.”

The PCB further added that Sohaib Maqsood has been ruled out of the T20Is and ODIs against New Zealand due to a wrist fracture.

However, there is good news for Pakistan as well, as Junaid Khan’s rehabilitation seems to be going well and the left-armer has resumed training.

Meanwhile, Wahab Riaz will appear for a fitness test at the National Cricket Academy before being considered for selection after he has seemingly recovered from his knee injury.

Muhammad Hafeez has also recovered from the hamstring injury that kept him out for the second Test and will be in contention for the third Test. Hafeez will come directly to the UAE from England, where he needs to undergo testing on his bowling action after he was called up by the umpires for having a suspect action.

Shehzad believes Pakistan’s batting future is bright

The Men in Green are known for their bowling abilities, but Shehzad believes that the batting now has the capability to win matches as well. “It’s not just our bowling anymore which is performing or winning matches for Pakistan,” he said. “In the last 12 months, the batsmen have played an equally important role and it’s good that everyone in the team is performing.”

Pakistan have been heavily dependent on their senior batsmen Younus Khan and Misbahul Haq for the last few years but the likes of Shehzad, Sarfraz Ahmed, Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq have also started to share the run-scoring burden in recent times, while Zulfiqar Babar and Yasir Shah have done well in the absence of Saeed Ajmal, which according to the opener is a good sign for the future.

“The transition phase for every team is important and we youngsters are learning from our seniors and delivering as well, which is a very positive sign for the future of Pakistan cricket,” added Shehzad.

Test rankings: Sarfraz jumps to career-best 18th position

Pakistan wicketkeeper Sarfraz Ahmed continues to make giant strides in the ICC Test batsmen rankings as he has climbed 13 places into a career-best 18th position following scores of 112 and 24 not out against New Zealand.

Younus lost a place and is now down into sixth while Misbah is at eighth. Asad Shafiq has also moved up a place to 21st, while Azhar Ali maintains his 17th rank.

Among the bowlers, Babar gained three places and is now at 28th, while Yasir has moved up five places to 30th.


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Lionel Messi equals La Liga scoring record

MADRID: Lionel Messi matched a 59-year-old record with his 251st La Liga goal to equal Telmo Zarra’s mark as the leading goalscorer in the history of the Spanish top flight.

The Argentine curled home a trademark free-kick to reach the mark in just his 289th La Liga appearance and give Barcelona the lead against Sevilla.

Legendary Basque striker Zarra scored his 251 goals for Athletic Bilbao during a 15-year career from 1940 to 1955.

Messi’s strike ended an uncharacteristically long three-game goal drought in league action as Barca slipped to defeats against Real Madrid and Celta Vigo and had to come from behind to beat Almeria 2-1 before the recent international break.

However, in between times, he had also equalled Real Madrid legend Raul’s all-time record mark of 71 Champions League goals with a double against Ajax earlier this month.

Barca boss Luis Enrique hailed the 27-year-old as “the best player I have seen in my life” after he hit that landmark in Amsterdam.

Messi recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of his debut with the Catalan giants, a period which has seen him win 21 trophies and crowned World Player of the Year four times.

However, he cast some doubt on his future with the club this week when he refused to rule out a move away from the Catalan capital before the end of his career.

“Football is full of unexpected twists and turns,” he told Argentinean newspaper Ole.

“It is true that I said I would like to stay there forever, but sometimes not everything turns out the way you want.”

Messi’s Real Madrid rival Cristiano Ronaldo, who is just one shy of he and Raul in Champions League goals, lies ninth on the all-time La Liga list with two goals in Real’s 4-0 win over Eibar on Saturday took him to 197 goals in just 177 games.

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Multitalented: They say football is a fulltime sport, but Diana Baigs to differ

ISLAMABAD: Many of us dream about representing our country in one sport or the other, but very few are lucky and talented enough to be able to do it. Diana Baig is one of those few, but she stands apart even from those select few for one reason; she has represented Pakistan in both cricket and football, and is still in her teens.

The 19-year-old first wore Pakistan colours at the ICC Women’s cricket World Cup last year, and was then part of the football team at the South Asian Football Federation (Saff) Women Championship in Islamabad.

Hailing from Gilgit-Baltitstan (G-B), Diana began her career as a cricketer, playing as a right-handed batsman and a medium-pacer and was one of the reserve players for the 2013 World Cup in India.

After the World Cup, she managed to impress coach Tariq Lutfi enough to warrant a call-up to the national football camp, with Lutfi terming her inclusion as ‘inevitable’.

Torn between the two

Brimming with talent and youthful exuberance, Diana is now struggling to choose between the two sports. She never saw herself as a footballer and therefore could not have envisaged a career in it a few months ago, but now she has a newfound appreciation for the beautiful game. However, she has not left her cricketing past behind her.

“No, I haven’t left cricket, it’s just that now I’m also a footballer,” Diana told The Express Tribune. “It’s something I love but I’m also a cricketer. So for me it is not a matter of choosing, or leaving one sport for another. In fact I start my cricket camp soon.”

Football may have started as just a hobby for Diana, but that changed when the G-B team needed female athletes to compete at the National Women Football Championship and she and her friend decided to attend the trials. From kicking the ball on the streets with her friends to representing Pakistan at the Saff Championship just a few months later, it has been a meteoric rise for Diana, but she believes it is as much down to luck as to talent.

“I got lucky. My friend came to me and told me that the football trials for the G-B team were taking place, and they need athletes so it was a matter of chance,” said Diana.

Diana said that being a key defender in the side has been a new experience for her, and she has learnt a lot in the two months at the national camp.

But despite her rise in footballing circles, she refuses to quit cricket and at least for the time being, believes that she can juggle the two sports.

“Our cricket season for U19s and U22s takes place from November to January, so I wasn’t doing anything else,” she explained. “Football is not new to me. I’ve always played cricket and football. In fact, now I feel these two sports are a part of me, and I play football during fitness training for the cricket tournament.”

Her father, however, is not convinced that she can play both sports simultaneously. “My father was really concerned. He asked me if I was making the correct decision,” she said. “He told me that this may mean that my cricket career is at an end, but I assured him that it’s not.”

Diana will begin her university soon, pursuing a degree in Health and Physical sciences in Government College and University, Lahore.

Lutfi believes that Diana has a bright future ahead of her if she does decide to stay in football. “She is a very talented defender,” said Lutfi. “We picked her because there is a dearth of good defenders in the country. She can be very useful for Pakistan and she has proved as much in just two months. She is already better than many seasoned internationals.”


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After Ajmal, Hafeez takes a hit – will Pakistan be able to bounce back?

And so the ICC’s purge against off-spinners continues, with Mohammad Hafeez being the latest victim. It has come as no surprise given the recent suspensions of off-spinners globally and the warning Hafeez himself received when he was reported during the Champions League T20 in September with Hafeez due to be tested at Loughborough on November 24, 2014.

In fact, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) itself has been pro-active in this matter, forming a five-member committee which included ICC Elite Panel Umpire Aleem Dar and Pakistan’s spin bowling coach, Mushtaq Ahmad, to weed out suspect actions before they reach the international stage. However, the news of Hafeez being reported comes as a huge blow to Pakistan, especially in the wake of Saeed Ajmal’s suspension and the bleak outlook on his return to the team.

Our bowling attack over the last five years has been based on our spinners, and Hafeez and Ajmal formed two thirds of the triumvirate (third being Shahid Afridi) largely responsible for winning games for us that the batting side seemed intent on losing. However, with the World Cup 2015 fast approaching, we are left in a perilous position where only one of the three is available. Yet Hafeez’s position may not be as desperate as that of Ajmal’s.

While Ajmal had 30-35 deliveries reported and results eventually showed his average elbow extension to be twice the limit, Hafeez only had a mere four deliveries reported during the first Test versus New Zealand. And while Ajmal is an unorthodox spinner, Hafeez is a relatively straight-forward off-spinner.

On the flip side, other orthodox spinners such as Kane Williamson have also been suspended from bowling and Hafeez’s argument of “nothing is different from what I have been bowling in the last 11 years” will not stick since this is an unprecedented clampdown on bowling actions; after all, even Ajmal was cleared back in 2009. Moreover, since Hafeez possesses no variations, it is his regular off-spin that has been called into question. So unlike Marlon Samuels, who only had his quicker delivery banned, if Hafeez is found to exceed the limit then he will be banned from bowling altogether.

There were some in the cricketing circle, such as Wasim Akram, who suggested after Hafeez’s action was reported during the Champions League that we should preserve him for the World Cup due to his worth as an all-rounder in the ODI team. However, just as he denied there was anything wrong with his technique after being badly exposed by Dale Steyn, Hafeez dismissed suspicions about his action maintaining it had remained the same throughout his career and participated in the recent Test series against Australia and New Zealand.

Perhaps it would have been more prudent for Pakistan to take a leaf out of West Indies’s books, when they withdrew Sunil Narine from their tour of India to work on his action after he had also been reported during the Champions League. Such valuable time could have been used to work on Hafeez’s action and ensure his participation in the World Cup as an all-rounder. It seems it was a risk that was clearly not worth taking if it results in his suspension. If anything, it was a surprise he wasn’t reported during the Australia series and that’s a statement not on Hafeez’s action but on the movement to eradicate off-spin from the game.

Despite his brilliant performance in the first Test against New Zealand, there will always be those who question Hafeez’s place in the Test team – a format where specialists are more in demand – but it is a fool’s errand to question his place in the ODI and T20 teams. Hafeez is second in the ICC rankings for ODI all-rounders, and first in T20s. All-rounders like Hafeez are a priceless commodity in ODI cricket – they can bat at the top of the order and bowl their full quota of 10 overs if required and they also allow the captain to play an extra batsman if needed.

Simply speaking, Hafeez is a captain’s dream in ODI cricket and should he be banned from bowling, it will completely disrupt the balance of our ODI team heading into the World Cup. While Ajmal could be replaced by another spinner (albeit not by one as good), Pakistan simply does not have any other all-rounders to provide the balance Hafeez does in ODI cricket.

In his interview before departing for his tests in Loughborough, Hafeez told reporters how he considered himself a batsman, not an off-spinner, and never rated his own bowling. Although this maybe a defence mechanism in the event he is only able to participate as a batsman, it seems a bit strange that Hafeez does not rate his own bowling when he is seventh in the ICC Bowlers Rankings in ODIs. In fact, were it not for his bowling, Hafeez may not have thrived or even lasted these last four years in international cricket.

For long stretches, when his batting has let him down, it has been his bowling that has ensured his place in the team. Should the unthinkable happen and he gets suspended from bowling, serious questions will need to be asked about Hafeez’s place in the team for the World Cup. Plenty of decent techniques have been exposed in Australia before and Hafeez’s is suspect to say the least. His inclusion as a specialist batsman would mean Pakistan would be devoid of a sixth bowler and/or a batsman light.

Barely a year on from surrendering the T20 captaincy, Hafeez could lose his place in the World Cup team and Pakistan’s World Cup hopes will be scuppered before they even begin. The importance of November, 24 cannot be overstated.

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