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Violation of Merit

In Pakistan, violation of merit is a common practice in government and private sectors. The appointment criteria are based on nepotism, favoritism, bribe and other personal wishes. The beneficiaries getting employment, promotions and other benefits without merit and due process which is inequitable, illegal and unconstitutional, as a result they are exploiting
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Novelty ukuleles

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Is it the fault in stars of our children?

Newborns are dying in the hospitals of Sargodha, a month back same sort of news resonated from Faisalabad What is killing them? It is the lack of facilities resulting from the lack of funds. Why? Because apparently our government has other pressing matters to attend to. In every month there is an
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Survival at stake!

Women are a very important pillar of any society but sadly women in Pakistan are prone to oppression. On an average hundreds of women daily are victimized irrespective of the social structure they belong too. Every woman in Pakistan has been somehow at some point of life been exploited, harassed or victimized.
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Journal Entry No.36, 11/Aug/2012

Around 2500 years ago Democritus, a Greek philosopher, expounded the theory of atoms for the very first time. He said that all matter is made up of small indivisible particles called atoms, the word atom means indivisible. Later on as physics developed it came to be known that atoms themselves were made
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Stains of Blood on our History

So, relentless was the end of love, so heartless— After the nights of tenderness, the dawns were pitiless, so pitiless (From Faiz’s Dhaka say Wapsi par;translation by Agha Shahid Ali) History of nations, big or small, is stained with blood; blood of those who fought for glory and of those who resisted