Clothing and Accessories that Accentuate your Beauty


Self-beautification has been an essential part of a woman’s life since the beginning. Whether it’s through clothes, accessories, hair or other forms of expressing their sense of fashion, all women across boundaries have their own way of accentuating their natural beauty and confidence.

In this day and age, first impression is everything. Nobody wants to know if you have a good personality if you don’t look approachable on the outside. That is why your personality is judged by physical appearance and the way you present yourself.

When you are deciding on which outfit to wear, it is important to know what outfit goes with which accessory and vice versa. It’s easy to ruin a great outfit with wrong accessories but easier to make an outfit great with right accessories. So it is important to dress yourself in such a way that is flattering to your figure and you feel comfortable in it.

Not all women are born with a perfect body shape but we can give the illusion of it. So choose those kinds of dressing and accessories that gives you the perfect proportion.

Every woman is different around the world and has her unique style. Every woman is beautiful and wants to make the most of her appearance. They experiment with their looks; some work some doesn’t. That is mostly because they fail to identify their body shapes hence their focal points which is important when it comes to accentuating their natural beauty.

The women population is full of different types of body shapes. The most common body types in Pakistan are Pear shaped, Rectangular, Hourglass and Apple shaped. This article will discuss about the ways women can dress and accessorize themselves in the right way possible.

First up is the common identified Pear shaped figure. This is characterized with a wide lower part relative to the upper part. So it is important to emphasize the upper part more to give a proportionate shape. In order to do that, go for darker shades to slim the rear, hip and thigh area. You can wear black straight trousers to give a slimmer effect to the hips and pair it with a hip length jacket or bolero to showcase a streamlined look. In case of accessories, go for long length chain necklaces and pendants giving shape to the upper part of your body. Dramatic wide earrings are also good eye up focal point accessories.

Apple shaped or circular figure is the opposite of a pear shaped one with a heavier upper part as compared to the lower part with broad shoulders.  So give an illusion of a longer torso by wearing longer tops covering hips, kurtis with boat necklines or even collared shirts. With pants, go for flared ones or wide legged capris. When it comes to accessories, don’t wear chunky collar necklaces which would draw attention to the upper part of your body. Go for long chain necklaces or pendants to give a subtle look.

The most sought after body shape is the Hourglass one. It’s perfectly proportioned with the upper and lower parts. You can wear semi fitted clothes with this body type with subtle patterned fabric. Avoid tight or oversized styles. Wear high-waisted pants in order to move attention to the thin middle. You can always wear belts to accentuate your waistline.

Lastly, the rectangular shaped body type is also quite common among women. The proportion is the same throughout with very little feminine curves. So when you pick out a dress and accessories, keep in mind that you need to create the illusion of curves by putting them together. So go for light and bright coloured outfits in order to look bigger. For accessories, wear chunky necklaces to accentuate that small upper part of your body while long earrings also give you the right attention that you need.

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