Honour killing was not the only motive behind Qandeel Baloch’s murder.


Model Arshi Khan known for her media controversies seemed to have quite some insiders regarding Qandeel’s death. She said, “I am really saddened by the news. There is a larger conspiracy behind the murder. As I see it, there are two possibilities. The first being the honor killing issue, but I am sure there is more to it than meets the eye.”


Brother Waseem didn’t just strangle her because of sheer anger but instead as far as the whole scenerio is concerned, it seems the murder was pre-planned. It’s possible the murder was planned by some fanatic Islamic extremists from Pakistan after Qandeel Baloch’s controversy and public embarrassment alongside Mufti Qavi, which also resulted in his disenfranchisement from a religious sect in Pakistan.

Another reason which seems to be the real cause behind her murder could be Qandeel’s alleged involvement in an international escort and betting rackets. “I have been getting calls from Dubai bookies in the past – and I have also filed several police complaints in Mumbai in the regard. The Dubai-based bookies who tried to enlist my help in betting and match-fixing rackets mentioned Qandeel’s name several times. ‘She is also doing it. And making lots of money. Why don’t you do it also,’ they had said time and again,” said Arshi.

She further added that Qandeel was “meeting” many rich and famous businessmen, politicians, cricketers in Pakistan, Dubai and the rest of the UAE. “It think that as her family must have gotten wind of her activities, would be the possible reason why her brother decided to kill her,” Arshi Khan revealed.

She continued saying that even today a bookie called me from Dubai and said Qandeel was murdered at the behest of the betting mafia. Her brother was just a pawn, he told me adding that the betting mafia had used Qandeel in the past to forge links with cricketers and politicians and even clerics and military personnel. Qandeel wanted out. In her own admission she had met cricketer Umar Akmal several times in the past. The mafia used Qandeel to blackmail some people by getting her to click selfies with them in compromising positions.

Known for her love for selfies and her obsession with social media, many powerful people in Pakistan obliged the starlet and that too in compromising positions. These images were later on used by the betting mafia to get their dirty work done, said Arshi Khan in an exclusive interview. It is also possible that her brother must have been paid a “huge amount of money” by some interested parties to murder Baloch – because she had a lot of secrets about a lot of powerful people in Pakistan hidden up her sleeves.

We could conclude to the fact that Qandeel had a lot of inside information on some senior clerics and politicians in Pakistan. Her brush with Mufti Qavi was just one small example.