Kaymu.pk Offering Great Discounts at Karachi Book Fair


Kaymu partnered with all its booksellers to showcase books of all categories. This event was called the 11th Karachi International Book Fair which was held in the Karachi Expo Centre for 5 days. The event was held from 12th November to 16th November 2015. Kaymu participated by showing great support to their sellers who were already participating in the fair. Kaymu enabled buyers to experience online shopping and shop for their favorite books at the Kaymu seller’s stalls. There was free internet for everyone so that they can connect to the internet and download Kaymu mobile application and also get discount vouchers for instant shopping.  Kaymu offered a lot of discount offers to the customers which encouraged them to buy their favorite books. The discount vouchers were given to people to save up to 200 Rupees to get books of their choice. All the books were new and there were some old books as well. The used books were in great condition and were bought by so many people. All type of books were available at the fair which includes categories like comedy, suspense, horror, educational, historical, religion and so on forth. People could easily pick and choose their preferred genre of books. Also there were some amazing discount deals on the books which you would not find at book stores. Books tend to be very expensive and sometimes it can get hard to buy them. The team at Kaymu understands that and that is why there were many discount deals offered at the book fair.


People purchased a lot of books on the spot and ordered more than 200 books online. The whole event was very successful as thousands of book lovers showed up. It was more like a party as people were having fun, there was music, prizes and so much more. It was also a great way to meet the customers in person. This encouraged the buyers to shop online with Kaymu as it is a secure online marketplace. The buyers also got to interact with the sellers which gave them assurance that the sellers are trustworthy. If you missed out on the event then you can still avail discount deals that Kaymu offers to their customers on daily basis on their webpage. Buying books online will be convenient as there is a cash on delivery system that is offered and whatever you choose to buy will be delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Pakistan. Cash on delivery is a great option since a lot of buyers feel reluctant paying via credit card because of security issues. Also getting everything delivered at your house eliminates the hassle of going out to busy markets or malls and getting everything yourself. Also book stores sell books at expensive rates that is why you should buy online to avail discount offers. So go ahead and make your shopping experience exciting with Kaymu. Look for all your favorite books under one roof and avail the best discount deals in town right away. Hope you have an amazing shopping experience!