Memory Card of Highest Capacity Introduced

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Electronics products to the Korean company Samsung has introduced its new micro SD card. Which has a capacity of 256 GB and a memory card, is unique and the greater scope of its kind.

Samsung, A New Memory Card which is called EVO plus has a capacity of 256 GB. Ie, there is about 55 thousand hours of HD video and images stored. If you find out from the memory card for data transfer times in the presence of the card if you want to continue photography. It’s also handy because it will speed up to 95 MB and 90 MB per second Red Wright per second speed. To use this card in your phone must have the support of micro SD x C. The SD card will be on sale worldwide within a few weeks later.

Four were some additional unique features Evo Plus guarantee that it will prove to be useful for long. For example, it is waterproof and it is not damaged by water, it does not damage the temperature, the X-rays is even worse than being proof. The biggest thing is that this will be a ten-year warranty from Samsung. Because of all these qualities, this card will undoubtedly be the best memory card of its kind.