Microwaves: either they are liked or disliked. Liked – as it speeds up dinner prep and dinner can be at the table in two minutes or dislike – it can harm your health and other problems. With over 90% of homes choosing the microwave, many do not understand the health risks they are embarking on. The electromagnetic waves that pass through food cause structural damage. Hans Hertel, a Swiss scientist, supported his hypothesis that food damaged in a microwave causes changes in the blood. Structures in the food molecules were destroyed. Enjoy the bad quality of food at your risk! Not only is the food damaged but nutrients act like a river and are swept away, nowhere to be found again. A busy mother decides to save some time and heats up breast milk in the microwave.

Think again before doing this. Stanford University showed what happens when breast milk is heated up in the microwave. The baby would have gotten some nutrients that help him or her to heal. Instead, all of this is lost. MICROWAVE OVENS HAVE BEEN BANNED IN RUSSIA SINCE 1976 AS THEY HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO HAVE NEGATIVE HEALTH IMPACT, INCLUDING: • Brain damage and cognitive decline • Immune system declines – who enjoys being sick? • Tumors & cancer-causing agents • Moody – husbands, stay away from wives! But wait, microwaves will not cause death. Think again – a hospital in Oklahoma was sued after a patient received blood that was heated up in a microwave.

Why risk it? All of these above reasons caused Russia to prohibit microwaves in 1976. Wow, this sure makes me stop and think. Will this be worth the extra time I would save by microwaving? Probably not. Stop, slow down, do not rush, find other things in life to cut out to be able to cook with an oven and stove and by doing so, arrive alive! No risks are worth death, cancer, or brain damage.


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