Muslim Boy Chases Down Attacker of Jewish Orthodox Woman

Eyewitness Chaggai Weiser Reports:

“Just now: Two police cars and shomrim flying though Coney Island chase down and stop a B68 bus on Ave M.

A Jewish woman is said to have been assaulted while reading a prayer book, her face was reported to be cut and bleeding. But that’s not the whole story, it seems she actually got assaulted on the subway at Newkirk Ave station, and a HERO by the name of Ahmed Khalifa, CHASED HER ATTACKER DOWN all the way to Coney Island, got on the B68 with him, and called for the cops. On behalf on Jews everywhere, thank you Ahmed, you’re an inspiration to those of our faith, those of your Muslim faith, and to good people everywhere.”

OS News contacted Chaggai Weiser who filled us in on the rest of the story.

Ahmed and the Orthodox Jewish lady were seated across from each other on the train, when out of nowhere a man ran by and struck the woman very hard. That is when Ahmed chased the attacker down all the way to Coney Island. Police arrested the attacker, based on Ahmed’s chasing him down and callling them. When Chaggai left, the attacker was in a back of a police car, banging on it violently.