Pakistan Not Oppressor But Victim of Terrorism

Once, an Indian narrative caught my attention in an Indian newspaper about LeT, JuD trying to acquire WMD. That news was about a book named “Calls for Transnational Jihad: Lashkar-eTaiba 1985-2014’”. In which writer is trying to emphasis that LeT and JuD group activities in India are backed by Pakistan army/ISI. He concludes in his 260-pages book that “Pakistan government is unlikely to take any action against LeT or JuD or its leader Hafiz Saeed because of its goal to bleed India in times of peace and avoid war. Indian media took this book as bludgeon to target Pakistan. This news is not more than a bundle of allegations on Pakistan.

Pakistan is amongst those countries which are being victimized since its birth. India the main financer and creator of proxies not only in Pakistan but also other states of region e.g. Afghanistan, Nepal and Sri lanka. Indian are the ones who itself planned internal attacks just to blame others specially Pakistan; Mumbai attacks are one of its best example.

R K Yadv Indian writer writes and confess in his book named “Mission R&AW” that India itself involved in Mumbai attacks. India better needs to look itself before start putting allegations on others. Killing of minorities through several extremist organizations just to put the blame on Pakistan is an old tactic of India. Proxies like TTP in FATA and BLA in Baluchistan are a clear example that Pakistan is the biggest victim of terrorism. In few statements of AjitDoval the National Security Advisor of PM Modi has clearly mentioned that TTP can be rented for any kind of violence and also that India can do some more efforts to separate Baluchistan from Pakistan.

As far as Jihadi organizations are concerned Pakistan is amongst those countries which are most highly victimized by the hands of Terrorism whether they are so called jihadists, religious extremists. There are several groups operating under the banner of Jihad and using the name of Islam to justify their brutality. Their actions are un-Islamic and against the followers of Islam because Islam is the religion of peace and its teachings are against any kind of violence.

Relating terrorism with Islam is more like an act of fool which lives happily in an illusion world only. Islam has nothing to with terrorism and if one goes through the teachings of Islam then you’ll come to know that it condemn every single act of violence & terrorists can’t even called as humans. All religions in the world give a message of peace, humans might be declared terrorists due to their actions but one can’t blame religion for that. Pakistan is a peace living country that’s why it has taken steps against the terrorist’s organizations which are working on foreign funds.

Unfortunately, in the name of the war on terrorism, we have made more sacrifices for the stability of this region and earned less appreciation than any other countries. Apart from other loses; we have lost almost 50,000 lives. In return we are blessed with bare allegations and friendly attacks which not only undermined the stance of Pakistan in the international community, but also forced the Pakistani nation to question their concerned authorities about their policies regarding the US led war on terrorism. Knowing that taking a side would be inevitable for the stability of this region, facing the internal and external pressure was the only option that was available to Pakistan.

Though the US and allies claimed to be the ultimate victor of war on terrorism in Afghanistan , since the beginning of this war the names on the most wanted list of terrorists has been increasing . Even if the US and allies state that they have uprooted AL Qaeda in Afghanistan , they have no reason to negate that Afghanistan that was the land of a handful of terrorists before 9/11 is now overloaded with terrorists or potential terrorists which are always busy attacking the border regions of Pakistan. There have been almost 26 India consulates in the border regions which are more like training camps for the terrorists. Though all countries are concerned about the prevalent challenges of terrorism, by launching successful operations like ZarbeAzb, Pakistan has proved that it might be a victim but not a supporter of terrorism!

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