PlugnPoint: A New Online E-commerce Launched in Pakistan

Going back into the time when online shopping was a naïve concept for the underdeveloped countries like Pakistan. As pioneers, eBay and Amazon successfully introduced the model of selling products through online means which gained popularity globally. As the world is advancing so as the technology which is also responsible of bringing revolution in Asian countries like Pakistan.

Slowing the trend of selling products online began with clothes to other products and today you can even enjoy electronics and huge appliances available online. Now you can see various products available through numerous online shopping stores selling products like shoes, clothes, handbags, cosmetics, gadgets, appliances, mobiles and other major and minor products. You may even find several companies providing its services through online means such as renovation, massage and other parlor services, carpentering, cleaning services, laundry and many others.

With the introduction of trend of smart gadgets in Pakistan, businesses are approaching people through online means majorly followed in foreign. You will find various stores working online and getting encouraging response by the people. As smart gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, tablets and others are allowing people to get maximum access to internet, they keep themselves updated about all the going-on trends. Pakistan carries a huge scope for the investors to stabilize their future in online business as market is really on hype in regards to it.

Talking about the electronic market of Pakistan is concerned, it has flourished a lot in literal meaning due to gaming accessories, mobiles, computers, home appliances and other related products. Youth is playing a huge role in giving popularity to online shopping trend as they prefer changes and appreciate them. Youngsters are making online purchases in regards to gadgets and accessories like mobiles, gaming equipment, laptops, tablets and other computer products as they find it convenient for them.

As per shoppers are concerned, secured means and monetary transfers through mobile banking and internet banking has even made them to prefer shop online in Pakistan. Counting on electronic markets, investors hold huge interest due to its broader scope and enchanting future. They prefer to shop through online means when it comes to products like electronics and appliances. Most importantly, people are favoring to buy electronics online because of the authenticity and quality the products come in. It is really feasible to view the details of the product you are interested in, compare the price to your budget, order and get it at your doorstep.

Market preferring online shopping is gaining the interest of the international outlets to avail their chance to participate in this growing industry in Pakistan. Taking this massive opportunity, PlugnPoint is introducing its e-store in Pakistan with the collection of huge array in electronics. Already owning a mall in Dubai, this time it wants to facilitate people of Pakistan with the same quality products. Being an owner of, Mr. Farooq Sheikh is confident enough for its successful establishment in his native country as he is successfully the same chain in Dubai. Viewing the scope of successful future for businessmen, Mr. Sheikh is certain about the succession of PlugnPoint as an e-commerce website. offers you a vast array of electronics available online in Pakistan. All the products are fine in quality and affordable in price range, keeping the audience present here. Providing all the products from quality brands in Pakistan which are available in physical stores are made in your access through Encompassing national and international brands working in the same domain, all are shown to you on this single platform.  Electronics based on modern and advanced functioning and technology while available in reasonable price can only be seen at Several categories like Gaming, Computers, Mobiles, Home Appliances, Gadgets, Audio/Video Electronics and Cameras. So, be the part of the family of PlugnPoint which provide you with your dreams.

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