Qandeel Baloch’s Content should be Banned in Pakistan

Qandeel Baloch started to spread Nude Videos on her Facebook Page and after couple of weeks she Got thousands of likes. Then she started to give controversial statements against Imran Khan and Shahid Afridi just to get cheap Publicity.

She shared many cheap videos but after Controversial Strip Dance, thousands of Pakistanis reported her Facebook page and it was blocked instantly. Many people were happy but it was the start of another story. She was invited By Mubashir luqman in his program “Khara Sach” where she replied “It’s Just started” See what I am gonna do in future. After that she was also invited on NEO TV and NEWS ONE Channels. It was a very cheap step of media to make her a national celebrity just for rating and likes.

But now she is sharing nude photos on Instagram and lesbian shoots on Facebook. Its time to start campaign against her when Cyber law and Government is not taking any action against her. We condemn her activities and  request PTA to ban her all activities on social media.

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