Raise against capital

Watch the waves,

Rumble as they crash,

Crash into the world,

Of your bourgeois trash.


Feel the ground,

Shake you to your knees,

Knees that tremble,

Like a million plastic leaves.


Taste the blood,

For they all bleed,

Bleed from day to night,

The fruit of your greed.


Witness the bruise,

Cutting through their skin,

The skin of hurt and pain,

Puncturing further within.


Celebrate your gain,

Bringing you profit and joy,

The joy of the one per cent,

Over 99% of your toys.


Gather your green,

You exploit and you oppress,

Oppress no more,

For every no is now a yes.


Smell the fear,

Of a billion strong rise,

Rising up against you,

Tearing apart all your lies.


Hear the sound,

Chants of food, shelter and wage,

Wage that promises a life,

Not just a number on a page.


Search for a path,

One which numbs this very sound,

The sound which will not go away,

It will bring you and your capital down.

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