Taher Shah to be Honored in United States as a Celebrity Guest

The most famous internet celebrity of Paksitan, Taher Shah once again proves that why he is such a sensation when it comes to pop music. However, this time it’s not because of another viral music video featuring himself, but because of his invitation as a Celebrity VIP guest at the Apex Film Festival in Arizona, USA.


Taher Shah definitely knows how to stay in the news with his back to back viral music hits, which received a mixed bag of reactions from around the country, however, he had to do little to come to limelight this time around. Apex, the Short Film and Music Video Festival has proudly nominated and invited Pakistan’s favorite Pop Star.

According to the Apex official website:

Pakistan’s pop sensation Taher Shah, known for his viral hit “Eye to Eye” and recent single “Angel,” has been officially nominated and invited to attend Apex as a celebrity VIP.

The website affirms that the further details about his visit will be announced soon.

Finalized programming details will be announced once Taher Shah’s travel plans have been confirmed. Stay tuned!

It might sound shocking for most of you, but you’ve heard it right. Taher Shah will be there for the Apex this year, something to be proud of, isn’t it? After all, he’s Pakistan’s hot favorite viral superstar (pun intended).

Back in 2013 he became a pop sensation overnight following his first music video release: Eye to Eye. He has been among the most talked about celebrities on the social media. This year, Taher Shah once again did what he did back in 2013, producing his single ‘Angle’, which hit the internet as expected. He’s unique in his own way and he needs to be appreciated for his efforts, at least the outsiders are acknowledging it.